What happens when the moon falls in love with a young man on earth? Hear the sublime sounds of The Australian Voices in this uplifting story...

The moon, Diana, has been orbiting the earth for billions of years but now she's lonely and wants a boyfriend. She sends out her moonbeams, looking through windows and finds a beautiful young man, Sam. She is attracted to the light of his laptop screen as he sits in bed. But, Sam is sick. He spends most of his time surfing the internet trying to see the world he cannot see. Diana decides to come to earth in womanly form...

MOON explores the fragility of life and power of love over death - the strange emotions surrounding love and death, particularly at a young age, the sense of fear and perhaps relief. Ultimately it is a story of love and reconciliation.

This beautiful poem by Venero Armanno, set to music by Gordon Hamilton and accompanied by stunning photography by David Collins is an adventurous new work by The Australian Voices. Choreography by Helen Howard and Jan Baker-Finch, costume design by Felicity Boevink.



Fringe Guru says "The Australian Voices are in a different league".

The Herald says "One of the outstanding musical surprises of Fringe 2012".

Broadway Baby says "STELLAR" - read the full review here.

Three Weeks says "staggeringly beautiful" - read the full review here.

Scotsman says "breathtaking" - read the full review here.

The Source says "an absolute auditory feast" - read the full review here.


Quotes about MOON

"To the Australian Voices: It was musical bliss to experience your voices and charisma the other night at the MRC. As a group, you really are the definition of synergy, and Gordon, you are the David Copperfield of Musical Direction - how you have messed with what we can do with human voice is just amazing! Sending you all thoughts of success and continued excellence!" Dene Menzel,Musical Director, Goss Community Choir.

"It was such a life changing experience for me to be singing with you guys at the festival of choirs last weekend in Melbourne. Think I'm still 'high' from the experience." Gabrielle Taylor

"Please return asap .. I'm having withdrawals already!!!" Angela Teasdale

"Standing ovations every time in MEL, all your faces were glowing with pleasure. MEL loves you!" Geoff Kavanagh

"MOON is the most unique, moving and vivid choral experience in my memory. I can hardly wait to lay my hands on the DVD when it comes out. And the Sunday night performance, with one of my favourite Rachmaninov's Vespers "Bogorodice djevo, raduj se" left me searching for words - a true "over the MOON" experience. Thank you guys, you and your brilliant director are a true inspiration!" Damir Kalajdzic, Composer & Conductor

"Hi guys, I don't do this kind of thing much but I am so smitten with you all. It's really cool to see a photo of something and know that I was there experiencing you in that incredible space being infused with your amazing sound. I was so affected by your performance of MOON that at one point I realised I had stopped breathing. You guys totally made the festival for me. I am now a groupie. Cheers." Michael Light, Melbourne

"It is hard to compose such a piece as he has done away with musical clichés. He is bold, imaginative, avant-garde and has ventured into a new territory. Some parts are celestial, ethereal, surrealistic and chilling. It was a great show and the audience was elated." Peter Quinteta, Composer


This project has been generously supported by Arts Queensland, JUMP Mentoring, Australia Council and Scott Griffin.


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