the ultimate skirmish between human voice and machine.

World-renowned, The Australian Voices, present something that is part concert, part performance, part insane genius, with musical works by Gordon Hamilton, Lisa Young, Isabella Gerometta and Nigel Butterley. It is funny, ridiculous and touching.

Enter the bizarre world of "sound bites", man-made and machine.

Switching channels between contemporary acapella, rap, classical radio, political speeches, a little bit of ‘theatre’ and a few pieces that could be called experimental...

BOOMBOX, is vocal music as you have never heard it before.

Advised 16+ only. Strong language.


The lounge, NEW YORK

SUNDAY September 27th at 6pm

MONDAY September 28th at 7:30pm

Tickets available here

Show length: 60 minutes


brisbane powerhouse, AusTRALIA

SUNDAY November 1st at 5:30pm & 7pm 

Tickets available September 1st here