Australian Choral Composers

The Australian Voices recommend the following amazing Australian choral composers. Please click on their links to buy their music, organise a commission, a workshop or just connect with these amazing artists.


Jacqueline Atherton

Michael Atherton

Damien Barbeler

Leah Barclay

William Barton

Nigel Butterley

Lisa Cheney

Jaret Choolun

Peter Clark

Lee Crockford

Julian Day

Rob Davidson

Amber Evans

Nathan Falkenhagen

Gordon Hamilton

Mark Isaacs

Paul Jarman

Stephen Leek

Anika Mittendorf

Sue Monk and Lachlan Hurse

Graeme Morton

Nicholas Ng

Matthew Orlovich

Vincent Plush

Paul Stanhope

Joe Twist

Dan Walker

Chris Williams

Lyn Williams

Lisa Young